Chris' System, October 2017
Chris' System, October 2017

Diagram and explanation

Chris' System, October 2017

This is the system i've been using since Iceland. The three transducers give a wide range of tones and feedback paths, and deliver a lot of energy through the instrument. The control board gives a huge amount of flexibility

System Diagram

(1) Cello: Musima (East German, cheapish on ebay, and well-built)

(2) Speaker: Monacor 50W

(3) Amp: Sony car amp, 50W * 4

(4) Soundcard: something with 4ins, 2outs

(5) Pickups: Cycfi Nu-modular

(6) Microcontroller: Teensy 3.6

(7) Laptop: Macbook Pro, or anything that runs SuperCollider

(8) High transducer: Vidsonix Phantom

(9) Low transducer: Vidsonix Ghost

Power: 5V supply for pickups, 12V for the car amp, using a PC ATX power supply. The control board has 15 knobs and 7 switches.d